Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, we did not get the boat on the trailer last night, but we figured it was easier to work on it while it was on the floor. The trailer is ready and it looks AWESOME with the new wheels on it and new diamond plate. It really came together well.
John Spears from Auburn Way Autobody came back with the new bullnoses painted and the new rear wing painted. They look sweet. We will install the noses tonight once the boat is on the trailer. We will also probably test fit the wing.
I spent over 4 hours fitting the new head rest last night, but it came out nice. If it keeps me from crawling up the side of the cockpit during turns, it will all be worth it. The seat belts are also installed.
We are down to the finishing touches for the next couple days, which is good, cause this kid needs a little sleep. Maybe I can nap in the cockpit on Saturday. A belly full of Tastin’ and Racin’ Chinese food and a warm dry cockpit would put anyone to sleep!


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