Saturday, June 4, 2011


Great day today at the shop. The team was in full force, and we busted out a ton of work. Nate and Dave got the trailer bunks ready, and Mary OBrien is coming out tomorrow to upholster. Dick continued his awesome metal work on the trailer. That guy is a sweet fabricator. Jim and Rick removed a bench from the hauler to make room for our third engine, which will go on the road with us this year. That's two aluminum engines and one magnesium. Joe worked on gearbox stuff and trailer hydraulics. Justin installed hinges on trailer storage doors, then hung the doors. Kurt installed the rear uprights. John and I installed the skid fin bracket. I installed the steering pulleys, cables, and steering shaft. Then I installed the wing pedals and cables. John and I installed the radio harness and tested all the radios- loud and clear. John Spears from Auburn Way Auto Body stopped by and picked up the new rear wing and right bullnose, which I finished body work on last night. He will paint them and bring them back for installation on Tuesday. My wife Tiffany stopped by in the afternoon to firm up travel plans (she is taking care of team travel arrangements) and brought our two girls with her. I got to show them off and Taylor (5 year old) played in the cockpit, as usual. I need to get the five liter ready for next weekend, so I am staying home tomorrow, but I will be at the shop Monday through Thursday to finish up.


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