Sunday, February 26, 2012

There has not been a lot going on at the U-17 shop over the winter, as the boat has been half way around the world. One notewothy item is that we are manufacturing our own gearbox gear sets now, which is exciting. A third gearbox is coming together, which will hopefully help us be a little more competitive against the heavy hitters in Unlimited. Nate rebuilt a big Bayliner as a winter project, and it is moored on Lake Washington now. The boat should be home tomorrow, and after a big clean up we will slide her back into her bay and get back to work. Honestly, I can't wait! I am SO looking forward to starting some projects on the old Red Dot and getting the Gang back together.

I enjoyed the H-1 meetings over the weekend, and we had some interesting marketing meetings. As a result of these meetings, I have a new facebook fan page, Kip Brown Motorsports. Please like my page, and I will post updates on the U-17 and the E-1, Miss Peters and May five liter. Also, this year I will be driving Justin and Stephanie Weymouth's 2.5 Liter Modified Hydro, and I will keep you updated on the facebook page.

The H-1 Air National Guard Series banquet was a huge success. The video and audio were top notch, and Steve Montgomery and Brad Luce were great MC's. I was pleased to see the U-11 earn Owners of the Year, and I thought that the recognition that Air National Guard and Peters and May received was well deserved. Best of all, our own Nate Brown earned Best Crew Chief, and he presented the award to the U-17 Crew Chief, Dave Bell. I am so proud of our guys, and this award was well deserved.