Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was nice to not be in “thrash mode” on Tuesday night. After the big push for Sammamish, and a successful outing at Tastin’ and Racin’, we are working on smaller details, getting ready for Madison.

There were a few scuffs and pin holes on the right sponson that we weren’t crazy about, so I filled those with glazing putty and prepped them for paint. Also, there was a gouge near a deck hatch that needed to be fixed and painted, which is done. The right sponson runner had an old repair that was not looking great. I ground that out and repaired with Hysol.

Katie Forsell came to the shop to help out and learn how much fun an Unlimited crew night can be. She is fresh off of the Hydroplane Driver’s School at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum (instructed by Chip Hanauer, David Williams, and some guy named Kip) and her debut in 1 Liter at Tastin’ and Racin’. She helped Jim with inventory and organization in the truck, and then helped me build a shoulder rest in the cockpit. You may be shocked because of how thin I appear to be, but while driving I turn into a Hulk and need padding to keep my massive body from damaging the capsule. It’s my gift and my curse…

Tonight it will be more of the same. Organization, cleaning, and general readiness is the name of the game. I feel like we are ahead of schedule, which is a lot more than I can say for certain other teams (are the decks on yet?)

Speaking of decks, I cut the right deck off of the E-55 Miss Peters and May last night to begin the repairs caused by the unforgiving Lake Sammamish last weekend. Go to my facebook page to see the photo, and I will post more as it comes apart, and starts to take shape again!

Kip Brown

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