Friday, June 17, 2011


I spent the first part of last night wet sanding primer on the right sponson and deck, getting it ready for world famous 1 liter pilot, Jimmy LaBrie, to paint today. The second project was helping John O’Brien install a new polycarbonate fence on the right sponson. Then, the canard came back off and Jimmy and I serviced the bearings. We found the left side bearings were not happy (Doha got to them) and will replace them this weekend. I used some special Lucas Racing Lube that is sure to add 12 mph to our laps (shhhhhh.) Steve worked on trailer batteries. Dick made a travel jig for the rear wings and spare canard. Nate was working on the skid fin on a surface table, and running Kelly Stocklin out of the shop and back to Beaver Lake. Dave and Kurt were working on the #3 engine motor mounts. Joe holed up in the machine shop, blueprinting a gear box dry sump pump. The truck was out getting service, and should be back today.  

Tiffany (my lovely bride) is making arrangements for the team’s flights for San Diego already. Now THAT is being ahead of the game. That makes me think of how lucky I am, and how lucky so many of the racers are, for the support that we receive from our families. Boat racing is an incredible sport, but it requires an unbelievable amount of time and effort, especially at the upper levels. There are two ways to go about it: Be a bachelor and live at the shop, or have an understanding family who supports your passion. I have done both, and I have also seen relationships strained or ruined because of the commitment required to succeed in racing. I am so fortunate to have Tiffany, and we are raising our daughters Taylor (5) and Katie(2) at the races, just like both of us were raised. Hopefully, one of the girls will marry Jon and Joanne Zimmerman’s son Jack, and they will raise their kids at the races, too. Plus, then Jon will lay off of me in the five liter (probably not!)

There will be more details and organization being handled this weekend, while we prepare to head to Madison. The truck is scheduled to leave a week from Monday. I heard today that there may be a surprise team there??? Talk to you next week!

Kip Brown

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