Tuesday, June 7, 2011


More positive action last night at the shop. When I got there after work, several guys were at it, knocking stuff out. The trailer bunks are carpeted and installed. The new tires and wheels are here today and will be installed. We are putting the boat on the trailer tonight. Last night, I got our spare rear wing ready for touch up paint. I attacked a “little bondo crack” on the leading edge of the front wing that became a bigger project (shocker…) I ended up digging out a fracture and filling with about 75 grams of Hysol. I will body work and paint it tonight. I got the cockpit all cleaned out and ready to go. I went to install the belts and realized that our sub belt has been MIA since after San Diego. One call to Al Lapointe at SRP, and that problem is solved. Joe is picking up the new belt today.

Speaking of Joe, he spent a better part of the evening building a fuel transfer pump monitor. After careful consideration, we collectively decided that a Honey Bear would be the proper reservoir. Thus, Joe has a new nickname. “Honey Bear” has a better ring to it than Joe, anyway.

My new Kirkey head rest came Fed Ex today. One of tonight’s projects will be mocking it up to see if it will work in the cockpit. I hope it will, ‘cause the part is really cool.

The engine dudes will be rocking tonight. They have two more engines to test fit. Then our new engine, fresh off of a successful dyno run, will be installed to be run this weekend at Tastin’ and Racin’.

On a side note, the five liter that Jeff Bernard and I run, Miss Peters and May, is all ready to go for this weekend. Our Block Head Machine power plant is fresh, and a little steering problem was fixed this week. I installed a new starter on Sunday, and Jeff is going to test fire tonight. We are expecting good things this weekend in a tough five liter class!


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