Friday, June 3, 2011


We are in a thrash to get ready for Tastin’ and Racin’ in Issaquah, WA next weekend. We had a good turnout of crew last night, and we got a lot done. John O Brien, Steve, and I got the skid fin rod brackets installed with Hysol. Kurt worked on shim packs for installing the engine in the boat. Dick and Rich worked on modifying our freshly painted trailer (paint by John Spears from Auburn Way Autobody). Joe worked on gearbox and trailer hydraulics. Nate built trailer bunks. Oh yeah- we are one week away from testing and we don’t have bunks on the trailer. Oh well. A ton of work is going to happen between now and Thursday night, but we will be ready.

Tonight, we will have the foam and carpet for the bunks. I will finish sanding the new rear wing and right bull nose so they can be painted in the morning. This needs to happen quickly so I can scurry home to hang out with the kids before their bed time.

Saturday morning, we will Hysol on the main skid fin bracket, which will certainly cause three hernias among four guys (that chunk of metal is HEAVY.) Caution will be taken to ensure that the bracket is on as straight as possible, so minimal skid fin adjustment will be needed. I will install the steering cable, wing pedals and cables, and throttle and cables. More work will continue on the trailer, and hopefully be the end of the day it will be ready to accept the boat.

I’ll try to keep you up to date over the weekend, especially if something exciting happens. You never know what to expect at the U-17 shop…

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