Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We had a good crew day last Saturday, and got the 17 all scrubbed up and shiny, and put her back in her stall for some pre-season work. Then, Tuesday night five of us got together and tackled the truck. We got an engine and geabox put in the machine shop. The spare cowling came out next, followed by a ton of tools, odds, and ends. The truck is now ready for a little clean up and maintenance, but it's in pretty good shape for going around the world. The boat is in GREAT shape, and we are so happy that we worked so hard in Doha to get all of the salt cleaned up. I was expecting bad things when I popped off the deck hatches, but it is clean enough for Nate to eat out of (I will sit at the table, thanks.) Next step is to pull out the steering cable (new one to come.) All of the pulleys will be disassembled and will likely get new bearings. The cockpit latch is going to be slightly redesigned, with a delrin bushing to help keep it happy. More fun to come...

Kip Brown

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