Sunday, December 25, 2011


It's Christmas Day. We have has a great day at our house. The girls woke up to proof of Santa's existence, followed by some coffee and a great breakfast. Then, hot buttered rum and some wine. 1:00 came around and we all sat down to watch the race at Doha. I know, we did not make the final, and we watched Scott Liddycoat take the victory in the But you know what? Our U-17 was FAST, and we beat some really fast guys all weekend long. I am so proud of our team, and proud of the positive exposure we have brought to our sponsors this year. I wish I could go back and have a slightly different mindset going into the last two heats. I had kind of an "all or nothing" attitude, and that was not the right way to race. That being said, I can't say enough about our top-notch crew, led in Doha by Dave Bell, our crew chief. They gave me a winning boat, and I can't wait to pilot her next year. I know for a FACT that we raised eyebrows all over the sport in 2011, and we will start 2012 with a new confidence. I am so looking forward to seeing the old 17 again. The same certainly can't be said for our competitors. Happy New Year!

Kip Brown

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